Announcing Version 2

We are pleased to announce Version 2 of DHConnect!

We’ve improved our user experience, added more options to viewing dentists and hygienists in your area – including the ability to limit viewing to just those in our system. We’ve also added reporting for your scheduling activities.

We continue to work hard to make sure that the system is convenient, responsive, and easy to use.

Please check out our updated About and Tutorial videos for more in-depth information.


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What’s New June 2020

A product backlog is the set of enhancements, bug fixes, and improvements to an application such as

We’re constantly working to improve our offering, making it as convenient and easy to use while at the same time adding functionality.

Our latest additions include the ability to show not only all dentists or hygienists in an area, but also limit the display to only those who are in our system. These can be viewed as either a list or points on a map giving a visual indication of location. You can select an individual and view their license – which contains contact information to set up interviews or ask questions.

We’ve also made it easier for hygienists to make repeated scheduling choices – like every Friday for the next 6 weeks, for example.

These are just 2 examples of what was in our backlog. The backlog gets created both from internally generated ideas and feedback from our users. If you’d like to make a suggestion, send an email to support for consideration of including it in a future release. After all, we do exist for our user community and greatly value your input.

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COVID-19 and Dentistry

It is well documented how those in the dental industry should cope the COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) outbreak. Some useful links:

ADA adds frequently asked questions from dentists to coronavirus resources

COVID-19 Toolkit

Coronavirus Information for Dental Hygienists

It seems obvious that dentists, dental hygienists and oral surgeons are among the most at risk of catching coronavirus. It’s difficult to keep your distance when working on patients, particularly as the virus appears to be carried vi an aerosol mechanism!

Aside from safety concerns, there are also the  economic impact for the practice as well as individuals working in the practice. Practices have closed temporarily, reduced hours, and limited patient visits. may be able to help in terms of temporary staffing needs, for both dentists who must replace quarantined hygienists and choose to remain open, as well as for hygienists whose primary practice has decided to either cut back  hours or close completely.

Above all, be safe, follow recommended practices and precautions, and godspeed through these challenging, and unprecedented, times.

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Benefits of

Why would you want to sign up for

If you are a hygienist

  • free to join
  • simple and easy to use
  • get your resume and/or work experience out there for dentists in your area to see
  • create opportunities for part-time or extra income

If you are a dentist

  • low cost
  • unlimited access
  • simple to use, hands-off scheduling and confirmations
  • access to a pool of hygienists in your area to fill needs

Take a look at our video and training materials and decide if this is right for you!

Hygienist Labor Statistics

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for hygienists exceeds the national average for other occupations by more than twice as much (11% growth versus 5% for all other occupations) by 2028. In 2018, there were over 219,000 hygienists employed in the US. It is expected that nearly 24,000 new jobs will be added by 2028.

A primary reason for such demand is the increasing awareness of oral health as it relates to overall health.

Opportunities are better for under-served areas, but also for those willing to work less than 40 hours per week. This is where can help and offer hygienists more opportunities for employment, but also for flexibility and a better work/life balance.

Check us out!

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Conveying Office Safety Procedures

In an increasingly litigious world, patient safety is paramount to a dental practice. An issue in hiring temporary staff is conveying established procedures such that patient safety is maximized and government regulations  are followed by consistent application throughout the practice.

Conveying this information to newly on-boarded staff takes time – time away from patient care. But neglect in doing so can expose the patient to potentially unsafe conditions, and the practice to legal problems.

One way of addressing this is to provide a brief summary of written procedures ahead of temporary staff being onsite. This will familiarize them with your procedures as well as reducing the amount of time spent on indoctrination. Any questions that arise can also be addressed ahead of time.

For a service like, it is recommended that these be in email format and sent once the schedule is acknowledged by the hygienist.  This is a capability that we can add to whereby these can be sent automatically once the schedule has been acknowledged.

Procedures can only be effective if followed by all staff. It is consequential if all are not knowledgeable of and consistent with their application.

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Hiring Right

One of the challenges a dental office faces is hiring the right people. For smaller offices, outsourcing the hiring process is one way of cutting costs.  For temporary needs, for example in cases where a hygienist needs time off, economically finding a replacement can be a challenge. Larger corporate offices can draw from a pool of employees, but smaller offices are often left with temp and employment agencies if a large pool of contacts isn’t available to draw from.

But temp agencies and employment services can be expensive, and don’t always bring the talent that you need in. And it takes time to contact them, review potential candidates, and negotiate fees.

This is where can help. First, and most important, it’s affordable. What’s the point of a service if fees are so high that you are reluctant to use it? Depending on your area, you can also reach a large number of hygienists at a low per- rate.

Secondly, you are presented with motivated hygienists who are willing to work in your area (they can limit their search by geography). You can view a resume or their experience, take a look at their license information,  and know up front wha they expect to be paid. And there is no middle man to pay other than the fixed quarterly fee. Schedule as many as you like all for the same low cost.

Finally, it’s easy to use. Bring up the calendar, see who is available, review their credentials, and schedule with a single click. You’ll be notified within 24 hours (or 2 if for the next day) if they agree to accept the scheduling (or not – so you have a chance to schedule another). It takes minutes, and is available at your convenience. gives you a competitive advantage in bringing on staff when you need it.

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The Pros and Cons of a Hygienist


I read an interesting article online from Carrington College on the pros and cons of being a dental hygienist ( What struck me – and this was an inspiration for starting this business – was how directly could address some of the “cons” and accentuate the “pros”.

The article pointed out that about half of all hygienists are part time. This was listed as a “pro” – flexible scheduling (if your employer is Ok with this situation). One of our goals is to provide that flexibility by opening your world to more dental practices – thus increasing work possibilities and flexibility – easily. Rather than going to each office or calling them individually, you can simply promote your availability via a calendar and be exposed to all participating dentists within an area that you designate. You can provide a resume or description of your experience and your salary requirements so a dentist has this information available.

A “con” was monotony. While we can’t do anything about duties performed, we can offer a mechanism for variety in the workplace. Different offices offer different “vibes,” collections of patients, etc. This might be just what is needed to offset some of the monotony associated with ANY job. New people, new places, new experiences. A chance to grow by being exposed to new ideas and being inspired by working with other professionals.

Remember that is free to join. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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