Conveying Office Safety Procedures

In an increasingly litigious world, patient safety is paramount to a dental practice. An issue in hiring temporary staff is conveying established procedures such that patient safety is maximized and government regulations  are followed by consistent application throughout the practice.

Conveying this information to newly on-boarded staff takes time – time away from patient care. But neglect in doing so can expose the patient to potentially unsafe conditions, and the practice to legal problems.

One way of addressing this is to provide a brief summary of written procedures ahead of temporary staff being onsite. This will familiarize them with your procedures as well as reducing the amount of time spent on indoctrination. Any questions that arise can also be addressed ahead of time.

For a service like, it is recommended that these be in email format and sent once the schedule is acknowledged by the hygienist.  This is a capability that we can add to whereby these can be sent automatically once the schedule has been acknowledged.

Procedures can only be effective if followed by all staff. It is consequential if all are not knowledgeable of and consistent with their application.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash