COVID-19 and Dentistry

It is well documented how those in the dental industry should cope the COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) outbreak. Some useful links:

ADA adds frequently asked questions from dentists to coronavirus resources

COVID-19 Toolkit

Coronavirus Information for Dental Hygienists

It seems obvious that dentists, dental hygienists and oral surgeons are among the most at risk of catching coronavirus. It’s difficult to keep your distance when working on patients, particularly as the virus appears to be carried vi an aerosol mechanism!

Aside from safety concerns, there are also the  economic impact for the practice as well as individuals working in the practice. Practices have closed temporarily, reduced hours, and limited patient visits. may be able to help in terms of temporary staffing needs, for both dentists who must replace quarantined hygienists and choose to remain open, as well as for hygienists whose primary practice has decided to either cut back  hours or close completely.

Above all, be safe, follow recommended practices and precautions, and godspeed through these challenging, and unprecedented, times.

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash