Hiring Right

One of the challenges a dental office faces is hiring the right people. For smaller offices, outsourcing the hiring process is one way of cutting costs.  For temporary needs, for example in cases where a hygienist needs time off, economically finding a replacement can be a challenge. Larger corporate offices can draw from a pool of employees, but smaller offices are often left with temp and employment agencies if a large pool of contacts isn’t available to draw from.

But temp agencies and employment services can be expensive, and don’t always bring the talent that you need in. And it takes time to contact them, review potential candidates, and negotiate fees.

This is where DHConenct.biz can help. First, and most important, it’s affordable. What’s the point of a service if fees are so high that you are reluctant to use it? Depending on your area, you can also reach a large number of hygienists at a low per- rate.

Secondly, you are presented with motivated hygienists who are willing to work in your area (they can limit their search by geography). You can view a resume or their experience, take a look at their license information,  and know up front wha they expect to be paid. And there is no middle man to pay other than the fixed quarterly fee. Schedule as many as you like all for the same low cost.

Finally, it’s easy to use. Bring up the calendar, see who is available, review their credentials, and schedule with a single click. You’ll be notified within 24 hours (or 2 if for the next day) if they agree to accept the scheduling (or not – so you have a chance to schedule another). It takes minutes, and is available at your convenience.

DHConnect.biz gives you a competitive advantage in bringing on staff when you need it.

Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash